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Downloads are NEW to heyprestostrings.com (as from December 2011).

You can now pay for downloadable pdf versions of some of our music, and download them instantly! The same is true of certain mp3 (sound) and mp4 (video) files too, which are downloadable in the same way.

No time spent waiting for the music to arrive in the post.

No carriage charges.

PDF Downloads appear in this distinctive yellow colour.

MP3 Downloads (Sound files) are marked in green.

MP4 Downloads (Video files) are marked in moccasin and dark red.

Downloadable products can be added to your shopping basket just as with ordering conventional printed books or accessories. Your order can happily include both downloads and printed books, CDs etc. Your downloads will be accessible immediately after our secure 'Checkout' using credit or debit card. In the case of printable PDF files, you will be provided with a unique password for access and each page of your music will display your name and a unique serial number which proves the authenticity of your purchase.

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