Hey Presto for Violin,’ Books 1 and 2 are a must for young learners. The books are very carefully graded, and colour coding, rhymes and comments from the characters will surely draw the child into their pages. Parents wishing to help their children should also find them easy to follow as all the information needed at each stage is clearly stated.

The pace of the accompaniments provided on CDs is just right to encourage rather than panic a young player, and the concert pieces at the end of the books are very satisfying and make pleasant listening for group performance, as well as enjoyment for the players.

These are two of the most attractive books for violin that I have seen.

Sue Ashby | music teacher, RGS The Grange, Worcester

A couple of my students have been using the books since the beginning of term. They really love the pieces and accompaniments, and the technical points (and ESTA influence) demonstrated through the pieces are obvious. These books come highly recommended.

Sue Rivett | ARCO magazine

If you want to learn the violin, get Hey Presto!

Lily | age 8

Hey Presto! Violin tuition books and theory books are easy to follow, colourful and concise books which my students very much enjoy. The pieces are fantastic, and every one is enjoyable to play. The early use of musical signs and Italian words give the students a head start compared with other beginner violin material. A must have for any violin teacher’s or student’s bag!

Caroline Ince | violin teacher

Hey Presto! is an invaluable and innovative resource for all young violin students, and bound to sell like hot cakes. Lively, colourful presentation and lots of original ideas combine to make learning fun for all ages and abilities. I can’t recommend these books highly enough. All children should have the chance to try them.

Anne Tupling | Assistant Headteacher, Shropshire

I made truly surprising progress and enjoyed playing every different piece.

Jill Bate | adult beginner

Hey Presto! is really good for learning to read the notes!

Ellie | age 7

Hey Presto! is a really fun book for when you start the violin!

Isobel | age 8