Hey Presto! Music Theory for Violinists Book 6

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Book 6 completes this series. Just three new topics are introduced, allowing pupils to consolidate what they have already learnt.

Again, memory tests help with the terminology and fun pages reinforce subjects in an enjoyable way.

New topics introduced:

• Semitones in a scale
• Grouping rests
• Answering rhythms


  • A message from Presto, Bravo & Poco!
  • Animal groups
  • Another memory test!
  • Bass clef notes
  • Best of the bunch!
  • Bravo's beams!
  • Bravo's secret message!
  • Composing rhythms
  • Compound and simple time
  • Crossword
  • Degrees of the scale
  • Double or half?
  • Enharmonic notes
  • Even more rhythms to compose!
  • Finishing touches!
  • Four key questions!
  • Grouping rests
  • Happy or sad?
  • Key signatures
  • Key signatures
  • Major scales
  • Memory test!
  • More major scales!
  • More rests to group!
  • More rhythms to compose!
  • More semitones in a scale!
  • More tonic triads and arpeggios!
  • Musical maths!
  • Mystery of the missing bar lines!
  • Mystery of the missing beats!
  • Performance directions
  • Poco's secret
  • Presto's matching pairs
  • Quiz 1 – test yourself!
  • Quiz 2 – true or false?
  • Scale the mountain!
  • Semitones in major scales
  • Thumper jumpers!
  • Tonic triads
  • Tonic triads and arpeggios

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SeriesHey Presto! Music Theory for Violinists

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