Hey Presto Music Theory for Cellists Book 6

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Book 6 completes this series for cellists. Just three new topics are introduced – semitones in a scale, grouping rests, and answering rhythms – allowing pupils to consolidate what they have already learnt. Again, memory tests help with the terminology and fun pages reinforce subjects in an enjoyable way.


  • A message from Presto, Bravo & Poco!
  • Animal groups
  • Another memory test!
  • Best of the bunch!
  • Bravo's beams!
  • Bravo's secret message!
  • Composing rhythms
  • Compound and simple time
  • Crossword
  • Degrees of the scale
  • Double or half?
  • Enharmonic notes
  • Even more rhythms to compose!
  • Finishing touches!
  • Four key questions!
  • Grouping rests
  • Happy or sad?
  • Key signatures
  • Key signatures
  • Major scales
  • Memory test!
  • More major scales!
  • More rests to group!
  • More rhythms to compose!
  • More semitones in a scale!
  • More tonic triads and arpeggios!
  • Musical maths!
  • Mystery of the missing bar lines!
  • Mystery of the missing beats!
  • Performance directions
  • Poco's secret
  • Presto's matching pairs
  • Quiz 1 - test yourself!
  • Quiz 2 - true or false?
  • Scale the mountain!
  • Semitones in major scales
  • Thumper jumpers!
  • Tonic triads
  • Tonic triads and arpeggios
  • Treble clef notes

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Cat No. HEYT26
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ComposerGeorgia Vale
CategoriesCello Tutor
Theory Tutors
SeriesHey Presto! Music Theory for Cellists
ISMN 979-0-708158-16-5
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Published 29th October 2013
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