Hey Presto! Music Theory for Violists Book 5

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Book 5 in the series for violists, reviewing topics covered in Books 1-4, and introducing new topics, including the treble clef, and compound & simple time. Memory tests are used in this book to help pupils to remember the new terminology.


  • Another memory test!
  • Beaming quavers
  • Beaming semiquavers
  • Bravo's birthday present!
  • Bravo's secret code!
  • Bravo's secret words!
  • Compound and simple time!
  • Degrees of the scale
  • Double or half?
  • Enharmonic notes
  • Hot and cold
  • Intervals
  • Key puzzle
  • Land ahoy!
  • Major scales
  • Memory test!
  • More about beaming quavers
  • More doubling and halving!
  • More intervals
  • More notes on the viola!
  • More treble clef notes
  • Musical maths!
  • Mystery of the missing bar lines!
  • Notes on the viola
  • Performance directions
  • Poco's forgotten word!
  • Poco's puzzle
  • Poco's secret words
  • Quiz 1 - test yourself!
  • Quiz 2 - true or false?
  • Robots
  • Scales and arpeggios in treble clef!
  • Spot the difference
  • The treble clef
  • Time signatures - compound time
  • Time signatures - minim beats
  • Tonic triad race
  • Tonic triads and arpeggios
  • Tonic triads in the treble clef!
  • Word search

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Cat No. HEYT15
Price £3.99
ComposerGeorgia Vale
CategoriesViola Tutor
Theory Tutors
SeriesHey Presto! Music Theory For Violists
ISMN 979-0-708158-11-0
EAN-13 9790708158110
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Published 29th October 2013
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