Hey Presto! Music Theory for Violinists Book 1

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First workbook in the series. Plenty of repetition, and bags of fun!

Gently introduces all the things a beginner might come across in their first few months of learning the violin, using clear and concise explanations.

Topics introduced:

• The stave, treble clef sign, bars & bar lines
• Space & line notes
• Time values & rests
• Bowing directions
• Leger lines
• The four violin strings
• Stems
• Time signatures
• Notes moving step by step
• Accidentals
• Dynamics

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ComposerGeorgia Vale
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SeriesHey Presto! Music Theory for Violinists
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Published 12th April 2011
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At last, a useable theory book for young violinists! I find it especially appropriate for post-Grade 2 players, aged 9+. It makes things click in place for them. The books repeat information without it seeming boring, and they are small enough to do in a term.

5 out of 5 Elizabeth Dwinell – August 30, 2011

My son Sebastian(6yrs)has loved this book. The different sections are clear and give just the right amount of information to learn and understand. We have enjoyed working on it together. He also has worked alone, giving him a great deal of satisfaction and to great effect in his violin lessons.

Emma Raven – September 1, 2011

These are an excellent set of theory books for young violinists (but could be used for all ages, they have an Owl, a Fox and a Frog who ask the questions, some older children could think these are cute?). I am a violin teacher and have used them at a primary school I teach at. The books have everything a pupil needs to know in a clearly set out way and have some puzzle type questions e.g.
match the pairs of notes.

P Woodland – April 21, 2013