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Hoe Down (Standard Version) - Score and Parts for String Group (PDF)

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Music for String Groups.

Adaptation of a piece from Hey Presto! for Violin, book 1. Rhythmic and lively, this version allows beginners to play together with more advanced players (up to approx Grade 3), who are challenged with fast passagework. The foot stamping makes this especially effective in venues with a wooden floor!

Essential parts:

Violin 2 – 3 fingers
Violin 3 – open strings
Piano accompaniment (approx Grade 4)

Optional parts:

Violin1 – 3 fingers, low 2nd, high 3rd, fast passages (approx Grade 3)
Viola 1 – 4 fingers and low 2nd
Viola 2 – mostly open strings, some 1st fingers
Cello 1 – 1st, 3rd, 4th fingers
Cello 2 – some 1st fingers
Double bass – some 1st fingers

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Price £4.38 (£5.26 incl. VAT)
ComposerGeorgia Vale
CategoryFlexible String Ensemble
SeriesHey Presto music for string groups
Published 18th November 2013
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