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Piece of Cake - Score and Parts for String Group (PDF)

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Music for String Groups.

An energetic, approachable piece for players of approximately Prep Test level, with a middle section featuring a syncopated rhythm (only in Violins 1 & 2 and Viola/Cello 1), basic harmonics, pizzicato and a single left-hand pizzicato note in the Violin 2 & 3 parts. A favourite with beginning string players!

Essential parts:

Violin 1 – 3 fingers, two simple slurs
Piano accompaniment (approx Grade 6)

Optional parts:
Violin 2 – 3 fingers, two simple slurs
Violin 3 – open strings & 1st fingers
Viola 1 - 4 fingers, high 3rd fingers and one low 2nd finger
Viola 2 - 1st fingers and one 2nd finger
Cell0 1 - 4 fingers
Cello 2 - 1st fingers
Double bass - 1st & 4th fingers, with a single F natural on the D string

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Price £4.17 (£5.00 incl. VAT)
ComposerGeorgia Vale
CategoryFlexible String Ensemble
SeriesHey Presto music for string groups
Published 18th November 2013
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