Hey Presto! for Violin Book 3 (Gold) with 2 CDs

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Book 3 in the series.

Beginning with an in-depth explanation of how sharps work on the violin – and later, flats – this book introduces the violin student to new finger positions, keys, scales and arpeggios and 3rd position.

All scales, arpeggios and exercises now have CD backings to make them more enjoyable as well as easier to learn, and the pieces towards the end of the book reach an approximate Grade 4 standard.

Cat No. HEY3
Supplier Code 9780957044906
Price £10.50
ComposerGeorgia Vale
CategoryViolin Tutor
SeriesHey Presto (Violin) Tutor Books
ISBN 978-0-9570449-0-6
ISBN-10 0-9570449-0-9
EAN-13 9780957044906
Weight 294 grams
Published 1st October 2011
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