Hey Presto! for Violin Book 2 (Silver) with 2 CDs

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Book 2 in the series. Presto, Bravo and Poco continue this journey of musical discovery.

Starting with simple three-finger pieces, by the end of the book the student will be able to play fairly complex pieces in first position, using all four fingers and low 2nd fingers.

• Pieces using up to 4 fingers and low 2nd finger
• Slurs and double stopping
• Introduction to G D A and E majors
• Longer, 'concert' pieces – solo and two-part
• Note charts, quizzes and 'be a composer' sections
• Rhythm exercises
• 'What it all means' page
• Certificate

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Cat No. HEY2
Supplier Code HP2
Price £9.50
ComposerGeorgia Vale
CategoryViolin Tutor
SeriesHey Presto (Violin) Tutor Books
ISBN 978-0-9561967-1-2
ISBN-10 0-9561967-1-3
EAN-13 9780956196712
Weight 280 grams
Published 1st July 2009
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