Hey Presto! for Viola Book 1 (Bronze) with CD

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Hey Presto! for Viola Bo…
Hey Presto! for Viola Bo…

Featuring the characters Presto, Bravo and Poco, who take the beginning viola player on an exciting journey of musical discovery. Starting with plucked open strings, by the end of the book the student will be confidently reading and playing simple bowed pieces using three fingers. Includes a playalong CD!


  • Bravo's song
  • Cat burglar
  • Choc'late cheesecake
  • Conjure the stars
  • Cream...
  • Creeping about
  • Custard!
  • Daydream
  • Down up!
  • Escalator
  • Four by four
  • Froggy beat
  • G string stomp
  • Hoe down (3 fingers)
  • Hoe down (open strings)
  • Hot topic
  • I'm so blue
  • I've got too much homework...
  • In the lair of the hobgoblin
  • Keep the beat
  • Leaps and bounds
  • Listen to me!
  • Man in the moon
  • Peel me if you can!
  • Plain sailing
  • Please..!
  • Slow tango
  • Step on it!
  • Swimming in the river
  • Take a rest!
  • The gondolier
  • The grumpy polar bear
  • The kangaroo song
  • The linden tree (3 fingers)
  • The linden tree (open strings)
  • The old man
  • The penguin
  • The sunset
  • The swans
  • Tick-tock!
  • Tick-tock!
  • Toy soldiers
  • Twinkle twinkle little stars
  • Two by two
  • Walk in the park (1st and 2nd fingers),
  • Walk in the park (3 fingers)
  • Walking fingers
  • Waltz in G
  • Willard the wizard
  • Winter night

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Cat No. HEY11
Price £9.50
ComposerGeorgia Vale
CategoryViola Tutor
SeriesHey Presto (Viola) Tutor Books
ISBN 978-0-9570449-6-8
ISBN-10 0-9570449-6-8
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ISMN 979-0-708158-04-2
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Published 29th October 2013
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