I studied music at the Junior School of the Royal Northern College of Music, Wells Cathedral School, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and the Utrecht School of the Arts, with several teachers including Mark Knight, Yfrah Neaman and Keiko Wataya, and after leaving music college I also had lessons with Simon Fischer. After taking a break to study Chinese at Oxford University, I now teach violin, viola and piano in Bromsgrove UK, examine for the ABRSM, run Chaddesley Strings, and perform regularly with several string quartets including the Fiorini Quartet, Sounds Interesting, and Cantabile Strings. – Visit my other website!

Hey Presto! for Violin:  A few years ago, when I began teaching again I couldn’t find any violin tutor books that worked for me. There were visually appealing books with good quality compositions, but these lacked explanations, so those whose parents had no musical background struggled; and there were books full of good explanations but whose presentation I found to be crammed in or unappealing. So I started to create my own books the way I would have liked them as a child. Immediately, my pupils loved the colour and illustrations and were engaged by the characters and little details like the bow bugs. The short explanations and note charts gave them the confidence to work things out for themselves –  and best of all they began to be emotionally engaged by the music.

A few years later, after making the difficult decision to self-publish these books, I was approached by a fellow musician and parent of one of my pupils, Paul Douglas, who asked if there was anything he could help me with. Since Paul has his own record label, DH Records, I asked him if he would consider producing the CDs for me. Paul agreed, and the end result was some wonderful CDs, with excellent sound quality as well as enjoyable sound effects and effective backing tracks where appropriate.

Hey Presto! Music Theory for Violinists: When I started to use my own theory books I found my pupils also began to enjoy music theory. Once they realised that every subject would be broken down into basic steps, and returned to over and over again, they gained confidence with it, and would speed through as fast as I would allow to get to the fun pages nearer the back!

Hey Presto! Music for String Groups: At the same time, I started my own string group, Chaddesley Junior Strings, and again struggled to find suitable music – I had players of very different standards within the same group (from Prep Test level up to Grade 4 at the start!) and didn’t want the more advanced ones to be bored. So, again I wrote my own pieces, taking care to give every part something of interest and also making the pieces long enough and attractive enough to be used effectively in performances.

And so Hey Presto Strings was born! A couple of months after the main launch in September 2010, Music Teacher magazine wrote a feature about its creation. read the article

My own pupils and string group members love the books and music – I hope you will too.